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4 Steps to Easily Ignite your Data Culture

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  • When is it? Multiple available times. Schedule a time that works for you!
  • Where is it? Join in virtually from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Heather Hill - International Speaker, Trainer, Leader, and Coach
  • Why should I be there? To pave the way for your next promotion as you create consistent wins to grow your data culture and create lasting impact on your company bottom line.
  • What's it all about? A 4-step transformation journey to grow your data culture. Full details below.

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Best Practices from 15+ Years of Leading Data Teams through the Good, Bad, & the Ugly

"When you understand the Customer Journey - the pains, motivations, desires - you unlock unlimited growth potential for your analytics strategy shifting the focus and allowing a culture of data driven insights.

For over 15 years, I have worked in the trenches within organizations small and large. I have felt the pain of burnout, unhappy executives, untrusted metrics, broken processes, and disheartened teams. I compiled the lessons learned, best practices, best-in-class processes from data leaders around the world into a simple framework. The exercise was originally for my own gain. To stop the madness and find our team's success story. Data Culture Academy is the brain-child of this effort and I am excited to share 15 years of wisdom with you.

In this online workshop, I'll be sharing some of these best practices of what's worked for us with you. See you there!"

Heather Hill - International Speaker, Author, Educator


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Ignite an unstoppable company data culture to win your next promotion.


That's right. Gain valuable insights and tools from a seasoned analytics leader, international speaker, and author.


I love what I do and I love sharing what I've learned to help others succeed. Templates are a valuable tool to easily and consistently execute.


I don't want to do all the talking. I want to hear from you and get your questions answered. I am here to help you succeed.

During This Free Training, You Will Learn:

  • The Four Steps of the Transformation Journey. In order to ignite your data driven culture , you have to understand the needs of your customers. We’ll break down each of the 4 steps of this process, and show you ways you can easily implement each of them.
  • Our Top Data Culture Strategies Revealed. Your #1 asset is your customer but we need to build the relationship to take advantage of the benefits. Convert your customers into influencers who partner with you and create visibility for you to instantly boost your data culture. I’ll peel back the curtain to show my favorite templates you can use to set a baseline, outline your action plan and execute on continuous value. I won't stop there. We will continue to hone in on how to embed accountability to measure your success.
  • Best Practices for Prioritizing Your Work Alongside Your Customers. Getting your customers in the room is just the beginning. I’ll give you tips and tricks on how to continuous engage them and allow your customers to own and drive your action plan.
  • Optimize your current processes to gain more balance and avoid burnout. You and your team is likely uttering the same words I've heard in the past (or said myself). 'I feel confused by inconsistent direction.' 'I feel alone and not part of a team.' 'I feel devalued when not invited to the table.' 'I feel lost on how to communicate effectively.' 'I feel crushed by new requirements.' 'I feel frustrated by lack of direction.' Do any of these sound familiar? These are the road to burnout and the best medicine is the right people using the right process for success. I’ll show you how to turn these pains to gains as we walk through each step together.
  • Take the Headache out of the Communication Plan. You no longer need to worry about what and when to communicate to your customers and executives. I’ll show you how a simple communication plan template removes the hurdles so you (or anyone on your team) can focus on creating continuous value in a normal work week.
  • Answer Your Questions. Join me at an upcoming workshop and I'll answer your Data Culture Transformation questions during our interactive workshop. If your question isn't answered live, then I'll send you a response afterwards. No worries!

  • + PLUS Free Interactive Workbook and Templates. Take home the free interactive workbook with presentation notes included. Also, start using the 6 free templates right away in your organization!

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings fill up because they are jam packed with relevant content… even though they are free. :-)